Rich not forget Education Award Outstanding Students - Shen Xiaoye peasant entre

Inputtime:2016-10-31 15:07:15
    Changle farmers entrepreneurs, Shandong Lehua Group Chairman and general manager of Shen Xiaoye voluntary donation of 200 thousand yuan, the establishment of "Changle county" filial piety "scholarship fund", the fund interest income for all scholarships to outstanding students annually awards to participate in college entrance examination, and awarded the scholarship of filial piety "Changle County industry scholarship certificate." August 12th, Changle county held a filial piety, the first award of the general assembly, on the college entrance examination in this year's outstanding achievements of the 20 students were rewarded, a total of 27000 yuan bonus payment.
    As a farmer entrepreneur, Shen Xiaoye have simple respect and affection, to the education for many years, has been the concern and support of education, to make a contribution to the cause of education, their own in 1995, enterprise funds are tight, music group is still 1 million yuan investment in the construction of the city's first-class teaching and laboratory building plain town middle school, improve the school condition. He said, I was a farmer, less educated, in the entrepreneurial process deeply felt the importance of education, now the enterprise benefit better every day, you should do something for the home crowd.
    Shen Xiaoye is a good farmer entrepreneur. More than and 10 years, under his leadership, music group from small to big, from weak to strong, the enterprise has developed to the total assets of 130 million yuan, with 1000 employees, large enterprise groups under the jurisdiction of the eight entity unit. Last year, the music group "share-holding system holding personal and centralized shares", increase the vitality of enterprises after the reform, this year 1 to July sales revenue of 215 million yuan, profits and taxes 20 million 340 thousand yuan, this year is expected to achieve profits of 50 million yuan.