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1 Jiezhuang paint knowledge, to avoid the mistake of home improvement
In Home Furnishing decoration, paint is a part of hard to avoid, whether it is to buy solid wood furniture or furniture, furniture paint is always difficult to avoid, even if the furniture is not painted wall, may also be brushing paint. Paint has been involved in all aspects of life. And this is the middle of the confusion, is also a person!
Wall paint
Wall paint including exterior wall paint, interior wall paint and paint, latex paint and other varieties are mainly. We paint the interior walls of the paint is the interior wall paint, mainly can be divided into water soluble paint and latex paint, the general use of the decoration is a latex paint. Latex paint with water as diluent, is a construction convenient, safe, waterproof, breathable, good paint, it can be based on different color scheme to allocate a different color. Composition basically consists of water, emulsion, pigments, fillers and various additives, these materials do not contain what toxicity. The performance of exterior wall emulsion paint and interior wall emulsion paint is similar.
Currently on the market so-called "emulsion paint containing a large number of formaldehyde, in fact, is a water-soluble paint, rather than latex paint, some unscrupulous manufacturers are using poor quality water soluble paint fake latex paint. Therefore, the choice of goods and maintain ventilation, is an effective way to prevent pollution.
Music Group paint manufacturers to remind you: inferior non environmentally friendly paint smell for a long time will be nausea, dizziness, cause harm to the body, so the time of purchase to pay attention to is not the regular factory sale, it is best to buy in the store, product certificates, packaging is complete, complete, most insurance way is the better choice of brands word of mouth. If possible, at the time of purchase, you can personally detect.
1), hand fan mouth, smell is pungent flavor or odor, taste obviously cannot choose.
2), if the product is a serious phenomenon, the quality is poor.
3), with the stick gently stirring, after the lift, paint on the stick for a longer stay time, covering even, the quality is better.
4), with the hand dipped in a bit, to be dry, it is difficult to wash with water for good.
5), twist with handle gently, more exquisite better.
2 wall decoration decoration style family decided to buy paint
Wall, floor, ceiling is the family decoration of the three fundamentals, they determine the style and function of the whole room, is the "supplies" the most places, but also the first to consider the family decoration. Wall decoration materials mainly include paint, wallpaper and other new decoration materials, paint color rich made good atmosphere, one of the most widely used is the most widely used decoration materials is paint.
To choose paint from the family decoration site: Restaurant corridor wall paint requires strong aging resistance, good colour retention, strong adhesion, can choose 803 interior wall paint, acrylic latex paint; a common room or walk less part of the selection of coatings to have fire prevention, mildew and other properties, can choose VB type emulsion paint BS series of latex paint; toilet and kitchen are used to paint with water, fire prevention, anti mildew, anti pollution, easy cleaning advantages, can choose JQ - 831 scrub interior wall paint, interior wall paint 808.
To determine the coating according to the family decoration decorative materials: concrete and cement base coatings are required to have good resistance to alkali and coverage, can choose 803 ethylene propylene interior paint, interior wall coating; wood basic non alkaline interior wall coatings, can choose JQ - 831 scrub interior paint, EPDM latex paint for interior wall.
Whether it is "standard paint", "green paint", or "green paint", must first meet the country's limited standards for harmful substances. It should be said that in line with the standards of the paint is safe. Although the VOC coating is harmful to the human body, but it has a problem, as long as the VOC in a limited range, it is not enough to cause great harm to the human body, consumers do not have to talk about poison discoloration.
1), not superstition paint packaging "green" two words, should seriously look at the quality of the products qualified testing report; observe the seams have metal corrosion, leakage phenomenon; explicit attention to the iron bucket marking is complete.
2), for imported paint, it is best to choose a Chinese logo and description of the product.
Non environmental protection paint, due to VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful substances exceeded, mostly pungent odor, make people nausea, dizziness, etc.. Therefore, if consumers buy a pungent odor, then you need to choose carefully. In addition, it is best not to buy add flavor of the paint, because the additive itself is a kind of chemical products, it is difficult to environmental protection.
3), save the purchase invoice. If possible, ask the seller to open the paint bucket, personally testing. If there is serious stratification, indicating that poor quality; stir gently with a stick, after raising, coating on the rod retention period is longer, enclothe even, explain quality is better; the hand dipped in a little, to be dry, with water to wash off as well; twist with handle gently, more exquisite better.